Mrs Santa
ミセス サンタ

Her most renown and lovable character is Mrs. Santa, whom she portrayed for 12 years on stage in the interactive bilingual family theater performances on the Aoyama Round Theater at the National Children's Castle in Aoyama. She has also appeared as Mrs. Santa on NHK's Oshare Kobo, on Sky PerfecTV's yearlong "Mrs. Santa's Doki Doki Family" television program, at the Takamatsu Winter Festival illumination ceremony, as the guide on KSB's television documentary for the Takamatsu Winter Festival and at Okayama's Toy Palace.

Mrs. Santa appears throughout Japan for special events for children and families, in childcare facilities, convalescent homes, hotels, department stores, theaters, preschools and elementary schools. Mrs. Santa produced "Mrs. Santa's Series" "Thanks Santa" CD with original bilingual Christmas songs and karaoke. Lyrics, written by Mrs. Santa. Vocals by Kunimi Andrea and Mayuka Thais.

"Thanks Santa" an extremely popular family Christmas tradition at the Children's Castle, was choreographed for families participating in bilingual family theater performances at the Aoyama Round Theater. It was also used as a theme song with "signing" by Orita for the Takamatsu Winter Festival where it was performed on stage with over 500 children. Mrs. Santa's most recent Christmas bilingual CD single, "Bring Santa to Me", was produced for charity for the Takamatsu Winter Festival. The lyrics are by Mrs. Santa, Kunimi and Mayuka and music by Orita. Lyrics and directions for signing are included. "Thanks Santa" and "Bring Santa to Me" have met with joyful reactions from the 10,000 visitors who view the Takamatsu Winter Festival illumination ceremony.



Mrs. Santa has written numerous English and bilingual Christmas songs. Thanks Santa, the most popular, was choreographed with children for audience participation, and became a family Christmas tradition at the Children's Castle' Aoyama Round Theater for Bilingual Family Theater performances. This song has been aired on television and used with sign language as a theme song at the Takamatsu Winter Festival where it is performed on stage by 500 children before audiences of 10,000. Bring Santa To Me, a charity release for the Takamatsu Winter Festival, is Mrs. Santa's newest song. Sign language and music by Kenji Orita