PXWV Action and creativity-based English program for children and parents centering on traditional Japanese children's songs, Doyo, and consisting of four illustrated books, four audio cassettes, four videos and curriculum cards.
Britannica, Japan
PXWX Bilingual book/cassette about the Magic Words, please and thank you created in commemoration of Space Five, Takashimaya Children's Floor renewal.
ALC Publishers
PXXW@ Teri's Magic Scissors Teri-san no Mahou no Hasami
Three-book series that illustrates free-hand scissors cutting system.
Choki Choki Kids, Katachi wa Happy and Party! Party! Co-authored with Kunimi Andrea.
Iwasaki Publishers
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Advisory PositionsF
Advisory Positions
Tokyo Board of Education, Tokyo Metropolitan Government
Jun Ashida Foundation
National Center for Youth in Natsukashi
National Olympics Memorial Center for Youth
Ministry of Science and Education Creative Consultant

CD and Video Publications of Original SongsF
PXXO@ Yume no Yochien
PXXP Grandpa, Grandma I Love You
PXXR Ninjin Cha Cha Cha Like the Wind
PXXS Ahiru Samba All We Need
PXXT Mrs. Santa Series Thanks Santa
PXXW All We Need
PXXX Doki Doki Family
QOOO Teri's Happy Animals
QOOP Yasashii Eigo and Kawaii Eigo (Advisor and jacket designs)
QOOP 2001 Bring Santa to Me Charity CD for Takamatsu Winter Festival
(Japanese, English and Signing)
QOOQ@ Happy, Happy Animals

I have also written corporate theme songs for Familiar, Takashimaya Department Store, school songs and have published 35 of 140 Japanese children's songs that I have translated.
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Book Publications
Teri's Magic Scissors
Selected to be placed in nationwide libraries, this is a three-book series, in Japanese with English keywords, on free-hand scissor cutting techniques. Choki Choki Kids, Katachi wa Happy, and Party! Party! Japanese translation@@by Kunimi Andrea.
Iwasaki Publishers 1988

The Adventures of Shiny and Sparkle
This bilingual book and English story-cassette commemorate the renewal of Nihonbashi Takashimaya Department Store's children's floor, Space 5. The story centers on Space 5's main characters, Shiny and Sparkle, and their search for the Magic Words, Please and Thank You, which, in turn are the main theme of Space 5.
ALC Publishers 1987

I Can Series (out of print)
3 illustrated storybooks, 1 songbook, 4 audio cassettes, 4 videos. These illustrated stories were derived from my English translations of 20 traditional Japanese children's songs, Doyo, and action songs. These enjoyable, effective alternative ESL materials employed English in Action methods. Music, bilingual narratives, karaoke and parent-teacher curriculum cards are included.
Britannica, Japan 1987

Narration and vocals for the materials listed are by Teri Suzanne, Kunimi Andrea and Mayuka Thais. Many CD jacket covers and most song lyrics were written by Teri. Books, videos and CD's are targeted for children aged 2-8 years.

Educational Materials Publications
Teri's Happy Animals Bilingual Action Apron Theater
Suitable for teaching any language, this colorful and entertaining Action Apron Theater comes with instruction guide and CD. Using vital everyday expressions, five Happy Animals, an elephant, giraffe, alligator, rabbit, and snake introduce colors, shapes, sizes, numbers, feelings, greetings, weather, action verbs, likes/dislikes, fruits/vegetables. Five-pocketed apron has individual felt Velcro-backed fruits, vegetables, leaves and numbered fish that easily attach to the apron. A fishing pole with magnet and imaginary cloth ocean is also part of the apron. CD and manual contain original songs, stories, narratives and key phrase review. Music: Mariko Hata
15,000 yen

Musical Publications
***This mark on CDs below indicates that I designed the jacket cover.
Doki Doki Family ***
This bilingual CD features 8 original songs including the popular Hand Aerobics and Inai Inai Peek-a-Boo, which were used on NHK and Sky PerfecTV! Songbook with instructions enclosed. Music: Steve Tootell and John Davis.
Meito and Columbia Records 1999

All We Need ***
Commemorative original bilingual CD with five positive and rhythmical Undokai, (Sports Day) songs. Includes song booklet with pom pom movements.
Music: John Davis, Steve Tootell, Akiko Kosaka.
Columbia Records 1994

Kawaii Eigo no Uta and Yasashii Eigo no Uta ***@
This compilation of Mother Goose and Action Songs are sung by a children's choir in London. The booklet inside includes my suggestions for play methods that non-English speaking parents can use when teaching their children these English songs.
\2730 each
Columbia Records 2001

Mama to Asobo ***@
This was the pilot English album for Akachan Honpo's Mama to Asobo series and includes 13 traditional Action Songs and 5 of Teri's best hits, such as Hand Aerobics, Doki Doki Family. The song booklet includes my play ideas for parents to actively communicate with their children using English songs.
Akachan Honpo and Columbia Records 2000

Teri's Happy Animals ***
This bilingual CD accompanies the Action Apron Theater for children aged 3-7 years. It features 18 tracks of original songs, narrative stories, English key phrase and word reviews, and comes with an instruction manual, lyrics and narration. Music: Mariko Hata.
Meito 2000

no printing
Bring Santa to Me ***
This tri-lingual CD single incorporates English, Japanese and Sign Language and was produced for charity by the Takamatsu Winter Festival for their annual Christmas Illumination in Chuo Park and Takamatsu JR Station. Lyrics and sign language included. Vocals also include children from Takamatsu's Kira Kira and Kagayakitai choral groups. Music: Kenji Orita.
Takamatsu charity release 2000

Mrs. Santa Series Thanks Santa
Original bilingual Christmas CD made in commemoration of our 100th National Children's Castle's Bilingual Family Theater Production at the Aoyama Round Theater. Includes song booklet, karaoke and narration.
Music: John Davis, Hirotaka Nakagawa, Paul Jackson.
Columbia Records 1994