Since 1986, I have delivered over 600 lectures, workshops and seminars, predominantly in Japanese, throughout Japan and Korea. I am known for my smile, voice, candid facial expressions and unorthodox costume-clad entrances. It has been said that my personality and Japanese fluency enables me to generate enthusiastic audience participation. I like to playfully introduce unique music and games in the hopes of creating a positive group atmosphere.

Audiences include nursery children to adults, parent and child groups, teachers, volunteers, administrators, governmental bodies and professionals from various fields. Audience size varies depending upon the theaters, halls, gymnasiums or venue facilities. Daycare, Preschool, Nursery and Kindergarten groups are happily accepted as long as there is adequate teacher support and participation. To date, lectures have been presented to audiences of 25 to 2000. Parent with Child workshops have numbered 20 to 500 pairs. Teacher Training Workshops and Elementary-High School programs for students have been given before 50-1200 persons per venue.


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