Since 1987, I have created educational columns, articles and illustrations for magazine and newspaper columns. The black and white pen and ink drawings below are taken from "Teri's Talk". This column is published by the All Japan Daycare and Nursery Association, the members of which consist of pediatricians, doctors, nurses, healthcare officials and teachers involved with childcare-kindergarten age children. One purpose of this column is to familiarize these professionals with important English terms and perspectives and to assist them in their understanding of non-Japanese children and parents. In these columns I use animals involved in humorous incidents as a means to express serious health hazards and concerns for both health care giver and on site teacher.

1987-90 Teri Mama no Kosodatte Talk
Takashimaya's Department Store's monthly pamphlet for family club members. Simple advice and tips for improving parent and child communication were given.
1990-95 Bilingual columns in Mainichi Elementary School Newspaper
Hocus Pocus Ookoku 1990-93
First weekly bilingual illustrated column to introduce English words and phrases using original songs, rapping, stories. Cassettes also created.
Abe Kobe Land 1993-95
Bilingual weekly illustrated humorous column that presented opposite word concepts in English (hot/cold).
Teri and Friends 1994-95 
Bilingual lifestyle column for Junior High School students.
1996 to Present Teri's Talk Illustrated article for journal for All Japan Daycare and Nursery School Association. Written with Dr. Masuda to assist nationwide healthcare givers and teachers in learning English health-related phrases and in becoming aware of differing cultural issues related to health.
1999-2000 Teri-san no Mahou no Hasami (Teri's Magic Scissors) In Meito's monthly teacher magazine, I designed two pages of creative scissors ideas for preschool teachers.

Pen and Ink Characters
Since 19 , "Teri's Talk" has been a popular article in a journal for nationwide healthcare workers, early childhood specialists, pediatricians, skin specialists, nurse and doctors. Working in cooperation with Dr. Goro Kohno, "Teri's Talk" not only offers valuable advice and tips to educators and childcare specialists, but also provides English language phrases necessary for professionals working with the children of English speaking parents. Co-writing this article with a pediatrician, Dr. Masuda, Teri offers interesting cross-cultural observations and heart warming, humorous pen and ink illustrations that demonstrate important information found in the articles.

Meito's Hoiku no Hiroba Monthly Magazine
1999-2000 Each month, I designed two pages with simple but unusual art ideas for educators for holidays and festivals such as Halloween, St. Patrick's Day, Christmas, New Years, Children's Day, etc.