Television, internet and video programs includeF
PXXV 1997 Teri's Magic Scissors NHK Educational Television
The first all-English program for preschool children to incorporate my free-hand scissors techniques
PXXW Mrs. Santa's Doki Doki Family SkyPerfecTV! Growth Channel
Yearlong bilingual program for parents with small children, starring Mrs. Santa. Script, lyrics, direction of children and parents.
PXXU`XX@ Oshare Kobo NHK Educational Television
As Mrs. Santa and Halloween Witch appeared as a guest commentator and introduced holiday crafts and customs.
PXXX Hajimeyou Eikaiwa NHK Educational Television
Cricky's English CATV, Kodansha
Inochi NHK Television
PXXT`QOOO Children's View NHK Enterprise
Primary narrator for video introducing NHK's children's programs that was used at international television conferences.

PXXX to present Takamatsu Winter Illumination Festival KSBTV Documentary
Mrs. Santa and Rudolph served as navigators of hour-long television documentaries of Takamatsu's Christmas venues and festivals.
QOOP to present Oyako Eigo Benesse, NHK Software
Curriculum and English Advisor, character voices for parent and child video program.

QOOQ 2002 Tomorrow Is A New Day Benesse, NHK Software
Filmed on location in California, this is a video for high school students contemplating home stay in America. Site Coordinator, Script, English Advisor.

QOOQ 2002 Dosa de Manabu Eikaiwa Action 8 NHK Software, Image Science
Internet English Program selected from 90 proposals by the Ministry of Science and Education to be implemented during the mandated Integrated Curriculum Study Periods in nationwide elementary schools from November 2002. Author, Advisor, Actress, director of child actors.