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From 1985 to 2000, over the course of my 15 year sojourn at the National Children's Castle, I produced 130 international Bilingual Family Theater shows in the Aoyama Round Theater that were seen by 50,000 persons enjoyed. Three of the shows were staged in the 1200 capacity Aoyama Theater. For these productions, I wrote the scripts and song lyrics, directed children, created costume designs, secured corporate sponsors and worked with directors.


Bilingual Family Theater Christmas Production
in the Aoyama Round Theater
Children appearing on stage acted and sang bilingually and were members of my Performing Arts Group, Xpress Club and Yo Yo Club classes at the Castle. Performing Arts Group members also sang and performed for NHK's Lullaby Special on national television.

Mrs. Santa appears yearly with Rudolph in Takamatsu with a cast of 500 children and adults for the city's Chuo Park Illumination Festival that is observed by 10,000 persons. Her original songs, Bring Santa to Me and Thanks Santa have become a part of this festival and are performed bilingually and with signing. Mrs. Santa appears on KSB as television navigator for Takamatsu's Christmas festivities, on stage, in department stores, hospitals, and family theme parks. In 2002, she also appeared for the illuminations of Takamatsu Station and Okayama Science University.

Flashback to the Future
Because of its timely message for families and youths, this stage production was selected as one of the performances used to commemorate the opening of the Culture Building's new stage at the National Olympics Youth Memorial Center in Yoyogi. The cast included 100 members aged 3 to 30.

Pictured here are some copies of original theater flyers for the Bilingual Family Theater Productions in the Aoyama Theater and Aoyama Round Theater at the National Children's Castle.