Teri's English-in-Action Classes

English in Action is a special system of teaching children English through the use of music, scissors, drama, art and dance. By improving the child's fine and gross motor skills, and encouraging individual creativity and thinking, children become comfortable and familiar with English because they have acquired it through their hands and bodies.

Classes are conducted weekly on Wednesday at the National Olympics Youth Memorial Center in Yoyogi, near Sangubashi train station. When the Olympic facilities are closed for maintenance, we also use a dance studio near Gakkugeidaigaku Station on the Toyoko Line.

Meeting times:
XPress Kids 3:00 to 4:00 PM 4-6 year olds
Doki Doki Kids 4:30-6:00 PM Elementary School

Taught by three instructors, this is a unique combination of English, creative free-hand scissors training, creative expression, phonics, rhythmical dancing, the hula!

Xpress Kids' children experience a bilingual setting in which basic dance movements are taught by Mitsuko and free-hand scissors education, phonics and creative expression are taught by Teri. Phonics workbooks are also incorporated.

Doki Doki Kids classes are taught by three instructors. Once a month, Marsha, a native of Hawaii, teaches hula, songs and the history of the hula in English. Mitsuko teaches dance and movement once a month and Teri is on hand each time to present various lessons in free-hand scissors techniques, creative expression and phonics, Phonics workbooks are also incorporated.

If you would like information regarding fees and schedules, please contact Teri.

Teri's English in Action


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