Having been given the opportunities to gain expertise and experience in many fields, I have been nominated to serve as Creative Consultant, Event Advisor, Educational Consultant and Advisor for many governmental bodies, corporations and associations.

As Author and Educational Consultant I created the in the English Internet Program implemented in November 2002 into nationwide elementary schools by the Ministry of Science and Education for use during mandated Integrated Curriculum Study Periods. This program is based on my Action English and English-in-Action methods and contains 140 thirty seconds live action clips. It was co-produced with NHK Software and Image Science. 2002
I served as Advisor to the Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education and Tokyo Metropolitan Government during the development of a parent and student booklet, Face to Face, the goal of which was to offer encouragement and help improve family communication between parents of junior high school students.
I currently am an active board member of Jun Ashida's Foundation which is seeking ways to improve the quality of home education, social awareness and communication between parent and child. 1999 to present

Additional Advisory Posts

National Olympics Memorial Youth Center Planning Board Member 1999-2000
National Nasukashi Youth and Nature Center Board Member 1997-2001
Ministry of Education Creative Advisor (one of 20 selected nationwide)1993-96
Fukuoka International Interaction Adviser and Program Chief 1998-2000
Advisor to Crayola and Dodwell, Japan. Designed bilingual merchandise catalog, advised on ways to bring Crayola into the Japanese market.

Nihonbashi Takashimaya Department Store Creative Space Designer.
First foreign woman to serve as Advisor for the complete renewal of a children's floor in a major department store in Tokyo. Result of the renewal was a doubling in sales volume, an increase in family club membership (over 30,000 families in one year) and a wave of renewal projects in children's floors throughout Japan.

ALC Publisher's Kiddy Cat Magazine Educational Advisor for a monthly English language parent and child magazine. As the primary narrator each month, I introduced each section and read storybooks written by internationally famous children's book's authors. Kunimi and Mayuka assisted in the narrations, vocals and with the creation and filming of the art and cooking pages. I also directed the Kiddy Cat children's singing group, the Gigglers. 1986-90